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coming home 06-10-06 14:17
well, almost the end of the school year. I have one more paper to do and then I'm done. I get to go on this weeklong retreat thing and then I should be back in Oregon on the 24th (i think). I am excited to be coming home. and to be working at Costco, yet again (well, not actually so excited about that). Anyway, just wanted to say hey since I haven't been on here in forever.
freshmen seminar 09-26-05 12:06
well i didn't get the frosh seminar i thought i would. Today, however, I went to one called "Three Sacred Stories" which compares Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. It was cool but I'm not even on the wait list. I might get in and I might not. If not I will take an Intro to Christianity course. I figured out a way to double major, so that should be fun. I am thinking Product Design (type of engineering incorporating psychology and art) and Religious Studies. I'm pretty excited. Well I'm out.

classes 09-23-05 13:43
so, we start really late and i have my first meeting with my Academic Adviser today. I already know what classes I'm gonna take tho so it's mostly just gonna make it official. I think my classes will be:

SLE (Structured Liberal Ed.) - Sort of like a core with reading, writing, etc. (9 credits)

Math 51 - Calculus (5 Credits)

Designing the car of the future - Hopefully i get this one. It is a freshman seminar. (3 Credits)

. 09-21-05 14:25
Cool ish 07-20-05 18:44
How cool is this

and this
sun...in oregon? 07-02-05 00:01
summer is awesome. sun. no rain (or very little). good job. getting up late. I love it. and at the end of this month I get to go to San Diego. My schedule is completely messed up (I go to bed at around 3 or 4 every morning and get up at noon), but it works for me.I'm excited to go check out Angel Street. DOes anyone know if I need to reserve tickets? well, that was some random rambling. Keep it real.
Hey elowel 06-19-05 23:01
Wow, so I haven't posted in forever. Here's a brief rundown of what's been happening:

-Applied to about 15 different stores.
-Got hired at Mervyn's.
-Went to Senior Party and won $25.
-Used $25 to go to dinner with Chelsea McCartney and Lyndsey Bunn and to buy the new Common CD.
-Got hired at Costco.
-Quit my job at Mervyn's.
-Watched the Pistons come back from down 2 in the finals.
-Sister left for Mexico on missions trip.
-Went to library book sale.
-Watched Robert Horry hit a three and win Game 5 for the Spurs.

That's pretty much been what's been going down for the past few weeks. Oh, you know how most people give money for grad presents? My uncle and aunt gave me a USB flash drive and it's pretty frickin awesome. It holds a gig and I have spent the last few days online just downloading books and all sorts of stuff to it. I'm to about 1.5% of the total memory now. This thing is so cool. Well, I should go to bed so I can get up and go to work tomorrow. Peace out elowel.
Goodbye Rex Putnam 05-31-05 15:00
Goodbye Rex Putnam High School

It seems like just yesterday I was a wide-eyed freshman wandering the daunting corridors of Rex Putnam High School in search of my first class. Where has the time gone? Soon, textbooks will be returned, locker combinations will be forgotten, and Putnam will become nothing more than a fading memory in the minds of the graduating Seniors. As I finish my last few days here, I feel obliged to let the student body and staff know how a humble member of the class of 2005 feels as he leaves behind this great school.

Yes, I am proud of this school. It must take a stellar institution indeed to garner the honor of being named a New American High School. It must take an even greater institution still to live off its five minutes of fame for the next five years. Time and again, I have been witness to troops of Design Studio visitors marching through the hallways and peeking in classrooms. The entire time these pathetic visitors nod their heads and murmur assent while inside they wonder why they have so foolishly subjected themselves to this painfully tedious experience.

Why do we feel compelled to continually propagate the fact that once upon a time our school received a national honor? Rex Putnam High School is not even considered the best school in the district, why should other schools model themselves after us? If our school is truly near the pinnacle of academic achievement in the United States, I pity Americans.

Now, I do not want to offend any of the teachers that I have had throughout the years. I have had my share of less than commendable teachers to be sure, but for the most part the staff at Rex Putnam has been wonderful. I have encountered teachers who are passionate about what they teach and who truly care about their students.

Nevertheless, I find it hard to believe that Putnam is so far superior. Take, for example, the most recent achievement of Rex Putnam High School. In case anybody missed it, Rex Putnam ranked at the top of the CIM charts statewide. The administration even hung a poster in the hallway congratulating the student body for their hard work. What nobody mentioned was that Rex Putnam requires CIM to graduate (unlike many other schools). What also went unaddressed was whether or not CIM achievement really translates into success after high school. Seeing as how the ink is barely dry on a bill from the Oregon House abolishing CIM and CAM, I would say that our pride and focus has been misplaced.

Misguided focus has repeatedly manifested itself as a distinct and disturbing trend at Rex Putnam High School. How much time, for instance, is wasted on assemblies? I read the latest letter to the editor bemoaning the excessive cost of assemblies, but I do not think that expense is the key issue. What matters more is the time that is being lost to this mind-numbingly useless inundation of school propaganda. School spirit! Go team! Make ‘em suffer ‘cuz we’re tougher! Go Kingsmen!

Couldn’t we be doing something a tad more productive with our time? School, correct me if I am wrong, is usually considered to be a place of learning, not brainwashing children into a senseless, “spirited” mob. As at many educational institutions, it seems that Rex Putnam High School has followed the reprehensible trend of placing athletics before academics.

What else do I love about Putnam? Our closed campus, of course. It is absolutely impossible to leave without permission. The only way to avoid apprehension is to actually put forth a modicum of effort. That is not absolutely necessary, however, seeing as how a mere succulent tip can turn the head of even the most steadfast sentry.

I love the empty paper towel dispensers and broken doors in the bathrooms. I love the way the lockers kick open, assuring students that none of their belongings are safe. I love having peers come high to class and strut around crowing about weekend escapades. I love the fact that our school produces such execrable leaders. I love how the air conditioning works only in the winter and the heater starts blasting hot air immediately upon the arrival of summer. I love so much about our school.

Most of all, I love the rose-colored glasses through which the administration sees the world. A drug problem at Rex Putnam? Preposterous! Students drinking? Absurd! Well, in case nobody got the memo, closing The Pit did not end drug use at Putnam. Go out to the parking lot and tell me again that nobody does drugs. For some reason, our administration seems to think that if we ignore the problem it will just go away.

I can hardly believe that I have almost left the great Rex Putnam High School behind. Really, regardless of how much I rant and rave to the contrary, I will miss it. I will miss the unabashedly liberal newspaper. I will miss my friends and teachers. And, of course, I will miss the kid who plays bagpipes before school. This hallowed ground has been my home for the past four years and now I must leave. So, goodbye Rex Putnam High School. I’m glad it is over.

You heard it here first. NBA Finals will be Detroit Pistons vs. the San Antonio Spurs and the Pistons will win. You know I'm right.

05-01-05 19:54
so my last post was pretty emo. i'm fine now. I have an ap test tomorrow and wednesday, so i'm gonna have a fun week. i think i'm gonna go to bed really early tonight so i can actually keep my eyes open tomorrow (i have to be there at 7:40). keep it real.
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